Friday, October 7, 2016

New Music Releases

I am so excited to share 2 new music releases in celebration of my birthday this month!

Big Red Silverado Pickup Truck

Just released this week is a country honk-tonk single Big Red Silverado Pickup, written and arranged in 2012. It’s seductive and fun for country chicks that the boys are also gonna love. Grab the keys, climb aboard and hear where your imagination takes you!

“Written, produced and performed by Celeste, Big Red Silverado Pickup Truck captures the hearts of romantics who daydream about what could be possible.”

Hitting the airwaves in Europe on October 3, 2016, Big Red Silverado Pickup Truck has immediately been named “Song of the Week” by the Starliner’s Radio Network, who broadcast to 40 countries across the world. Check out all of their awesome air talent at

You’ll find Big Red Silverado Pickup on CDBaby, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more. Check it out at

Mess ‘a Blues
On October 28th, Songs for Charlie Music will launch the debut of my new blues album Mess ‘a Blues.

With this latest collection of all originals, written over the past twenty years, my hope is to inspire in a world of despair and heartbreak. The title track, Mess ‘a Blues, was initially intended to be released several years ago, but every word still rings true in this current environment of political unrest.

Mess ‘a Blues is filled with jazzy blues arrangements, R&B, a dash of Gospel and a touch of Second Line, sure to carry you from Memphis to New Orleans.

“I’ve been told, that it’s body and soul.”
. . . Celeste Reichert Friedman

Songs for Charlie Music FAQ: All 14 tracks on the Mess ‘a Blues album are written, produced and performed by Celeste. A frequently showcased songwriter at Nashville’s Bluebird CafĂ©, she debuted several cuts off the album for Bluebird audiences. Celeste’s singles and albums have reached Number One in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Australia since 2007.

“Celeste is indeed a true Renaissance woman!”
                                . . . Carole Easterling, Senior Director, Performing Rights, BMI, Inc.

Mess ‘a Blues will be available exclusively on CDBaby. Please visit her official website: to learn more about Celeste’s music.

“These projects have been on hold for too long and waiting on me”, says Celeste. And as she always asks . . .

“If your dream awakens, grabs the keys and heads out the door, are you ready to accompany it? If not, will your dream find another dreamer? “

Thanks for listening and for your support!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dream or Fantasy?

I’m sharing my September 20th KeyBlog from my website:

Maya Angelou once said, “A solitary fantasy can transform a million realities.”

Each individual has their own talent, skill and desire. Thus, each one of us will have our own unique path and design for getting from point A to point B. It would be great if we could move our game board piece to GO, collect our two-hundred dollars and simply head out and see where we land. That is fantasy.

We have the ability to transform our vision or lofty dreams into reality.
Several years ago, I composed a song titled, Where the Eagles Fly! In writing the lyrics, a very powerful statement poured into my heart, as if it were delivered directly from my
soul . . .
   “I believe that I can sing the song and I can dance the dance.”

As a songwriter and author, I have learned and believe that I alone do not write the words and create the melodies. We must always remember that just like the gift of life and the measurement of time, these gifts are on loan. It’s our mission to find a way to share them with the world while we have the chance and the proverbial clock keeps ticking.

It’s time to cease being the keeper of the keys, storing your dreams in notebooks and shoe boxes or holding them up in a medieval-like tower as a prisoner, but how do you know when they’re ready to be unleashed and set free?

Before you take that leap of faith, have you established that your dream is real, not a pipe-dream or a flight of your imagination? Like a fairytale, is it simply a whim destined to exist only as a memory? Once upon a time, there was a dream.

So, is your dream ready? Has it begun to dictate to you, make demands, or reveal what it wants to become? You may have heard me say it before, but I’ll repeat . . .
“If your dream awakens, grabs the keys and heads out the door, are you ready to accompany it? If not, will your dream find another dreamer? “

To be a part of the YOU are the Key Network, subscribe to and receive a free tip sheet, The 3 Keys to Success.

To learn more about my eBook, YOU are the Key, Self-Discovery Course and Self-Discovery Lecture Series, discover it all at

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Aristotle said that, “Hope is a waking dream.”  YOU are the Key!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Vote for Celestial Voices!

Celestial Voices is proud to announce that Celeste has been approved in the first round of the FedEx Grant Contest! 

Celeste is vying for the grand prize of $25,000. There will be a total of 10 winners announced on July 11, 2016.

As a winner, Celestial Voices can build a stronger presence online and sustain Celeste’s mission to inspire achievement. (Learn more at 

When you pass that FedEx truck on the road, think of how they are helping small businesses in America get a leg up and how hope never fails.

To vote for Celestial Voices, follow the link below. Thank you for your love and support!


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Monday, March 28, 2016

Brilliance Comes to Light in "YOU are the Key"

For Immediate Release
March 25, 2016

              Brilliance Comes to Light in “YOU are the Key”
Columbus, Ohio- When Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and author Celeste Reichert Friedman is asked,
“Who are you, what do you do and why do you do it?” Her reply is simply, “I compose and perform music, as well as write books to inspire and encourage.”

In her latest eBook, YOU are the Key, Celeste explores the mind’s eye and timeless wisdom of the inner voice in an innovative novelette, now available on Amazon Kindle.  Inspired by a dream of the three glass keys, Friedman believes you can unlock the secrets of who you truly are and your purpose in life.

Your Path to Happiness and Fulfillment
If you dare, test your true self with her Questions of Self-Discovery. Celeste invites you to challenge yourself, your hopes and dreams. You will be amazed at what you bring into the light.

The time is right for a new take on self-help and inspiration. Celeste is a fresh voice in this challenging world as we know it. YOU are the Key offers key insight and encouragement for graduates, young professionals, those changing course in mid-life or retirees who are seeking new opportunities.

                   Anna Hovind, CNN News

Live Presentation
Celeste’s live keynote, a companion to YOU are the Key, is thought provoking and enlightening. Woven with original inspirational tunes, audiences are enthralled. As an author and singer-songwriter, her life experiences of challenge and adversity are compelling. Throughout the live keynote, as in the book, she covers topics on setting goals, tenacity, never giving up against all odds and the power within each and every one of us to achieve.

Here is your link, your Key to reaching inside. YOU are the Key!

For interviews and presenter bookings, please contact or 740.334.0550.

It all begins with one step. YOU are the Key!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Where the Green Waters Flow

Although Dublin, Ireland is the ultimate destination to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, other cities across the globe explode in similar reveille.

New York City claims to host the largest St. Patty’s Day parade in the world, where you’ll find the infamous Fifth Avenue in green and orange for the holiday. As they do on New Year’s Eve, crowds jam the parade route to view the bagpipers, marching bands and Irish dancers. Why orange? Now, don’t ya be askin that question around anyone from Wales!

In the windy city of Chicago, they dye everything green, even the Chicago River! Irish marching bands and dance troupes, along with pipers, fiddler and drummers, brave the cold winds of March to entertain all over town.

Dublin, Ohio represents not only Irish, but Scottish and Welsh traditions with a parade down Bridge Street into Olde Town Dublin, followed by entertainment in every pub and they’re not gonna be waitin for the 17th, as the party starts at 11:00am on Saturday, March 14th.

In Savannah, Georgia, green waters flow as well in fountains and the Savannah River. As the azaleas and magnolias are ‘a bloomin, the shamrocks are shimmering in the mornin sun.

The Sydney Opera House in Australia illuminates sails in shamrock green in honor of the holiday. How do you say “Good Day” in Gaelic?

The majority still votes for the original, as most of the buildings in Dublin, Ireland are lit up in Kelly green. Local crowds and tourists line the streets to check out the stunning performances and brilliant costumes from one parade to the next. You can check out the fabulous kilts in every parade and pub, while you enjoy classic entertainment by traditional bands and musicians.

To share in the celebration, here are a few YouTube links to my own Celtic performances. My tour began on Tuesday and lasts beyond St. Patrick’s Day. May the blessings of the good St. Patrick be with you!

“Siuil ‘a Run” traditional Irish ballad

“Emerald Isle” original ballad by Celi McDaniel

“Si Do Mhaimeo I” traditional Gaelic tune

Celeste, aka Celi McDaniel

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Where Will You Be on Valentine's Day?

If you lived in San Francisco, you could take in the Gourmet Chocolate Tour on Valentine's Day.

In New York City, you could spend thousands of dollars at Tiffany's.

You could shop online and customize your own M&M's.

You could spend way too much time in the Hallmark store searching for the right card.


You can share your love by giving to Hospice of Central Ohio!

Join us for our benefit concert, "It's All About Love" on February 14th in Newark, Ohio!

For more details, please visit:

 WE WILL have chocolate and decadent desserts! What is that? Wine too? Of course!

See you there!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

'Tis the Season

What a way to kick off the holidays for 2014. On Sunday, December 7th, I shared an incredible day with 39 other authors at the Delaware District Library, Orange Branch. All of the authors who participated are based in the Central Ohio area. There were writers who have passion about relationships, animals, retirement, medicine, self improvement and those who love to write novels about fantasy, mystery, sports and history.

I have always believed that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and on that day, the library coordinator had positioned my Single 101 table next to an expert and author on numerology. As we met and greeted the library patrons, signed books and networked with the other writers, Nancy Fairbrother and I shared our experiences and the joyful journey of being an author. Nancy was there with her eBook, “Born to Succeed”. Those of you who are a part of the Single 101 Nation can guess immediately where this is going, because you know I was intrigued by her book and yearned to know more.
In my Single 101 blogs, journals and scratchings on the desire of flying solo, a greater part of my passion has been about success. Whether it is success in relationships, career or simply finding peace, those 6 letters always float to the top. It has also been interesting to me throughout my life that the second half of the word ‘success’ is one of my nicknames, Cess.

Nancy Fairbrother asks us, “What is success?” These are her statements:
Success is living with passion, enthusiasm and joy.
Success is experiencing the delight of expressing your authentic self.
Success is using your challenges as opportunities for personal growth.
Success is using your innate genius to serve your highest good and the highest good of others.

Nancy writes, "You were born to succeed in every area of your life. Your personal formula for success is encoded in your birth name and birth date." Her e-book shows you how to reveal your life purpose and the key to creating the life of your dreams.
Check out Nancy Fairbrother’s eBook on Smashwords, Kindle, or Nook.

Living the single life will always present new challenges and it’s definitely worth the time to look deeper with the help of experts like Nancy Fairbrother. Visit her website at:
After having the great opportunity of meeting Nancy, my theme for 2015 is “success”!

Thank you once again to Joe O’Rourke and his great staff of the Delaware District Library, Orange Branch for a lovely author’s event.  If you live in the Delaware or Columbus area, stop in over the holidays and relax by their wonderful fireplace with a great book.

As we close another year and begin a fresh look at the horizon, pick up a copy of “Single 101:101 New Year’s Resolutions” on Kindle, downloadable to Kindle Fire, iPad and iPhone.

Share your theme or goals for 2015 by commenting here!
Happy Holidays!

Celeste   Cess  :)



Friday, October 24, 2014 Relationship Survey decided to survey their readers to find out what it means to be a man in today’s world. Opinions and roles have changed dramatically throughout the past few decades. You may be impressed at how compassionate and considerate today’s man is with regard to the woman in his life.

The percentages of the answers are very revealing in how men view their roles in relationships. Here are a few of the AskMen questions:

Of the four choices listed below, which is the most important personality trait for deciding if a woman is relationship material?

40% a sense of loyalty
25% sense of caring and nurturing

16% sense of humor

19% intelligence

Comment:  Okay, so some women might view these answers responding that you have to display that you think he’s funny, take care of him because every man needs a mother, be loyal even if he cheats and you don’t have to be very smart. (just sayin’)

Do you believe in the institution of marriage?

76% yes and one I would participate in
16% yes, I believe it is an institution, but it’s not for me

8% no, I do not believe in marriage


Is it important for a girlfriend to have wife potential?

48% somewhat, although I won’t break up with her if I realize she isn’t wife material
32% yes, I won’t bother pursuing a woman who isn’t a potential wife

20% no, I don’t look that far ahead in my relationships

Comment: “material”- the Encarta English dictionary defines this as the substance used to make things. The Thesaurus lists- fabric; cloth; textile; stuff; substance; matter; bits and pieces. Can you find a better word?

If there were no chance of your partner finding out, how likely would you be to cheat?

40% not at all likely, I might be tempted, but cheating violates my morals
32% not very likely, I may be tempted, but I love and respect her too much

19% somewhat likely, but I would feel guilty, nonetheless
5% very likely, she can’t be hurt if she doesn’t know about it

Comment: Ouch, is your mate or better half in that 5 percentile?

Who should pay on a date?

45% both parties should take turns
51% he should

3% always go Dutch

Have you ever read your partner’s Facebook messages, email or other electronic correspondence?

37% no, I respect her privacy
24% yes, but with her knowledge

17% no, but I would if I suspected she was up to something
15% yes, I have broken into her email and social media accounts

Comment: I wonder why ‘trust’ wasn’t listed as a choice to that first question.
To read more, check out We’d love to hear your answers to these questions here on the Single 101 blog.  Post a comment.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Bible as We Know It- or- Do We?

On a blustery, snowy Saturday evening, I joined a friend to see the film, “Monument Men”.  As we entered the theatre, it wasn’t listed on the menu board and the last feature had been presented that afternoon.

We checked out what choices in other films were offered, should we decide to stay and chose the new sci-fi, fantasy “Noah”, in I-Max format.  At the start, we were uncomfortable in the theatre with the maximized volume of sound, which pounded your head and bounced you around in your seat from its strength.

Starring Russell Crowe, this Darren Aronofsky-directed epic has met with much controversy.  My friend and I left the theatre with mixed feelings as well, but the greatest effect it had on me was the motivation to open my Bible and read the book of Genesis.  After seeing an interview this morning with the director, I have a new take on the film and understand it not merely as art, but a provocative look at the destruction of the world by water.  It is truly a brave new world where younger audiences desire the X-game approach to film design, but I still don’t see the need for the gargantuan transformer-looking rock men called ‘The Watchers’.

What does this have to do with being single?  In the story of Noah, man was to be destroyed and the innocent, the animals of the Earth, were to be saved, each species by two.  In this new film, Noah’s family is spared, but not every member is left with a mate.

    If you were on board the ark, would you be satisfied with being single and left alone 
without a partner?

My answer, from a lighter approach, is that I’d be just fine, as long as all of the animals were saved. Much greater is the fact that the planet Earth was saved.  Left with being single on the ark would have still been a gift, offering the chance to see the world once again.  I just wonder about all of the sea life that wasn’t affected in deeper waters.

Finally, the best shot in “Noah”, for me at least, was at the end where the dove returned to the ark carrying a stem of something green in its beak, a sign that life existed and God, or the Creator was still with us.

Who are we to judge?

With so many critics weighing in, who have knocked down the film before even opening in theatres in the United States, who are we to be the judge?  I congratulate the director and his writers for having the courage to create a biblical film, fifty years after the Cecil B. DeMille story of Moses. What would we write if compelled to do the same?  Do we have the courage to share the possibilities of history?  For an experience that makes you think and question, I recommend seeing this film.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

On the Battlefield of Cancer

    Author Celeste Friedman shares her experiences with her late mother, Awanna Reichert, who fought a valiant battle with cancer for twenty-plus years.  In her newly released e-Book, “Among the Fallen Leaves” she tells the story from the view of her journal, “On the Battlefield of Cancer”.

    Each day, we learn of countless individuals who have some form of cancer.  Most of the world now has somewhat of an understanding of what this monster is and its name has become a part of our daily dialogue.

    There are over one-hundred forms of cancer and research is unveiling more about metastasis.  After a radical mastectomy in February of 2013, her mother’s oncologist informed them of the grave possibility that the cancer would metastasize the bones, lungs and spleen.  A former nurse, Celeste’s mother refused to go through any further treatment, as she believed that her eighty-five years on this earth had been enough.  With her strong belief that life is in God’s hands, she continued to fight, still hoping for an unparalleled breakthrough.

    Current statistics show there are approximately 155,000 Americans living with metastatic breast cancer.  40,000 of those individuals will die within the coming year.  The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 232,670 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in women in 2014 and possibly 18 million by 2020.  To date, there are 2.8 million documented breast cancer survivors in the United States.

    If caught early enough, many cancers are manageable.  Some of the most common treatments for cancer include chemotherapy and radiation, miraculously killing the abnormal cells, if you are one of the fortunate.  The cost endured from treatment can be insurmountable, having a critical impact on a patient’s financial situation and adding a tremendous burden on the family.  Cancer takes its toll on everyone and the price that is paid emotionally is immeasurable.

    The National Cancer Institute predicts that the amount of money Americans will spend on cancer treatments yearly will reach a staggering $158 billion by the year 2020.  Since the 1950’s, the American Cancer Society has been committed to intensive research with regard to preventing cancer; the link between cigarette smoking; lung cancer and other risks such as obesity.  To learn more, visit the following online links: – The American Cancer Society official website.

For more on Celeste’s upcoming eBook release, please visit